Regular Glass Mosaic/Elentra Series

Regular glass mosaic tiles
Also called as Hot melt glass mosaic is suitable for various construction and high-end decoration, This tiles are  Antibacterial, Acid-resistant,  Alkali-resistant , Antifreeze, Wear resistant, non  slip ,Heat resistant , Heat Insulation , Anti-pressure, Anti-moisture, While manufacturing glass mosaic raw material is melted under 1300°C temperature, then processed through moulds. With dot surface provide matty effect and designed bottom provide Good adhesion, basic properties of glass not allowed fading color.
Our wide variation of color, provide user comfortable selection for its purpose  
  Dots Glass Mosaic
Dots Glass mosaic is the most normal glass mosaic. It has the features of chemical resistance; weather resistance and color never fade advantage.  The colors never fade. It's perfect solution for swimming pool and exterior building coverage. It can also create the individual design for interior wall in bathroom and kitchen.
Chip size: 20x20mm
Sheet size: 327 x 327mm 
Packing: 40 sheets/ctn, 4.28sqm/ctn 
G. W.: 29kg/ctn
Glass mosaic is compounded by silicon and alkali powder, together with color powder, and forming under high temperature become clear and half clear pieces.
  Application areas:
1. Living room,
2. Bedroom,
3. Bathroom,
4. Balcony.
5. Background wall,
6. Study,
7. Metro stations,
8. Sub ways bar(pub), 
9. Senior clubs, disco,
10. Cafes.
11. Swimming pools,
12. Fountains
13. Bathing pools,
14. Shopping mall,
15. Shop, 
16. Company image symbols, Logos etc.