Construction Chemicals

High performance & highly polymer modified pre packed special high quality glass mosaic tile adhesive. It is used for fixing of Granite, Stone & Glass Mosaic tiles Permanently.
Ultratek is a non shrink, heat proof, self curing and highly flexible adhesive having excellent waterproofing properties. It is specially made for Granite, Marble, Stone, Vitrified Tiles flooring, Glass Mosaic application etc.
It is used for both exterior and interior applications. It complies to IS 15477 : 2004 & BS 5980 : 1980.

1.Ready to use high bonding and highly durable
2.Suitable for indoor and out door
3.Can be used without hacking or mechanical key
4.Ideal for fixing tiles, granites, stones, glass mosaic, etc. on wall
5.Excellent waterproofing characteristics
6.Ideal glass mosaic tile adhesive for wall, floor, showers area, dry & wet area, swimming pool

Surface Treatment
1.Surface must be properly cleaned, free from grease, oil & dust
2.surface must be sufficient flat to permit the specified flatness of finished tilling
3.Not recommended to use on metal, wood, paint & fully glazed backgrounds
(for any requirement please contact company's technical person)

How to use
1.Add Ultratek to clean water and mix until smooth slump free consistency is produced or as per recommended ratio, avoid excess water
2.After mixing spread the adhesive paste on the background immediately, spread only adhesive mix that can be fixed within 20 minutes.
3.Push tile firmly on the background ensuing that good contact is maintained with the back of each tiles.
4.Unitek admixture may be used in conjunction with Ultratek to impart flexibility which enhanced adhesion and durability and reduce water permeability.
5.Allow adhesive to dry before grouting.

Technical Specification
Base Highly polymer modified cementitious
Color White
Mixing Ratio 1:3 or 1:1:5
Bed thickness 5 to 6 mm (Depends up on tile size & weight)
Coverage 2 to 2.5 Sq. Ft. / kg
Application Use notched trowel
Setting Time 12 to 14 Minutes
Temperature 25 cel to 100 cel
Safety Protect from damp
Compressive Strength 24.95 N/mm2
Typical Value
Shear Adhesive
Typical Value
BS 5980 (Min)
BS 5980 (Min)
14 Days
0.95 KN
1.65 KN
8.9 KN
15.65 KN
Packing : 20 & 50 Kg Bags

Highly Polymer Midifed Cemetitious Joint Filler
Aquatek Joint Filler is a blend of specially selected cements, fillers, high grade pigments and synthetic organic polymers. It is polymer modified highly water resist, peel proof and crack proof tile joint filler available in more than 36 attractive colors. Suitable for up to 4 mm width. It compiles to BS 5385.

1.Can be used for filling joints of various kinds of tiles and stones
2.Easy to use and consistent in quality
3.Highly water resist & peel proof
4.Highly stain resistance / acid resistance
5.Highly damp resistance
6.Available in attractive color range

Area of Application
1.Ideal for all kind of joints in wall & floors
2.Bathrooms & Swimming pool etc.
3.Ideal for Ceramic, Vitrified tiles, Kota, Marble & Granite Flooring

How to use
1.Tile joint must be clean, free from any dust or other contaminates
2.Fill the joints after minimum 24 hours from the fixed with chemical
3.First of all mix joint filler and water in 3:1 ratio
4.Please wait for ten minutes for proper chemical action
5.Clean the extra joint filler from tile surface with wet cotton cloth after 1.0 hours
6.Clean the joints with dry cotton after 24 hours

Technical Specification
Density Wet : 1.85 Kg / Ltr
Dry : 1.78 Kg / Ltr
Compressive Strength 31.33 N / mm @ 28 days
Flexural Strength 3.21 N / mm @ 28 days
Working Time 30 Minutes
Curing minimum 48 hours
Mixing Ratio Approx 0.32 to 0.34 % by weight of joint filler. i.e. 1.6 to 1.7 liter water per 5 Kg joint filler.
Packing :Available in 10 Kg bag

UNITEK S.B.R. is a highly modified, Milky white latex rubber polymer based product specially formulated to achieve high tensile, shear and flexural strength by using as a mortar modifier, widely used for hydraulic setting agent particularly cement mixtures for high performance water proofing.

1.Excellent compatibility with cement, ground quartz, fine sand, micro dolomite
2.Non-yellowing and has excellent resistance to ultra voilet degradation so ideal for G.R.C work.
3.Imparts flexibility of mortar.
4.High adhesion properties
5.High durable concrete work.
6.Excellent improved tensile, flexural and shear strength.
7.Excellent waterproofing properties.
8.Abrasion and wide range of chemical resistance
9.Reduces shrinkage, cracks and providing non-porous surface.
10.High resistance against carbonation
11.Resistance against most of alkalis, solvents, salt and industrial chemicals.
12.Eliminates wet curing.

Hoe To Use
1.Surface must be clean, away from grease, oil dust or other contaminates, dampened with water so that althoughnone is visible.
2.It is recommended the fresh concrete be applied as soon as possible after applying the latex, satisfactory bonds have been obtained when the fresh concrete was applied up to seven days after application of latex. Providing the latex film has not become dirty.
3.Can be applied either by brush, roller and spraying.
5.Addition of UNITEk S.B.R to Portland cement mixtures increases the bond strength, flexural strength permeability resistance carbonation resistance and acid resistance of the hardened mixture.

Technical Specification
Appearance Milky White
Solid Contains 50 to 52 %
Viscosity 60-250 mPaS ( Brookefield RVT Dv-IISpindle 2/60 rpm)
Density 1.02 g/ cm3
PH Value 7.8 to 10
Minimum film forming temp 160 cel
Polymer mortar
40 Kg
120 Kg
6-8 Kg
5-7 Kg
Concrete ALC Board
5-10 MM
Thin-coating mortar
40 Kg
120 Kg
6-8 Kg
5-7 Kg
Concrete ALC Board
5-10 MM
Packing : 20 & 50 Kg Bags